Private Cloud

A recent survey found that private cloud is the most popular cloud deployment model among IT professionals in the cloud computing purchase process. No surprise, given the benefits of private cloud deployments. Private cloud offers not only a software-defined layer of hardware and networking abstraction, which enables enterprises to scale and provision resources dynamically, but also the peace of mind of having a dedicated cloud instance managed exclusively for your business.

Business Opportunity & Case Studies

How and why IT managers are implementing private cloud backup solutions.
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Buying Guide & Vendor Landscape

High-level overview of leading private cloud backup vendors.
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Product Comparison Charts

Compare essential features across multiple products.
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RFP Template

Ready-to-use template for your private cloud RFP, incorporating industry best practices.
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  • Private Cloud Request for Proposal

    This RFP template will help you describe your private cloud project accurately, so vendors respond with solutions tailored for your requirements rather than simply offering ...more

  • RFP Template: Seeking Private Cloud Solution

    To get the right private cloud service, you need to ask the right questions. Use our RFP template to make sure your target vendor will ...more