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Liz Ticong is a staff writer for Datamation with over 10 years of experience covering software and technology topics and news. She’s written about data analytics, data classification, and data-related tools. Her work has also been featured in Enterprise Networking Planet and TechnologyAdvice.com, and she has ghostwritten for international clients. When not writing, you can find Liz reading and watching historical and investigative documentaries. She is based in the Philippines.

3d render of concept data visualization.

Common Data Visualization Examples: Transform Numbers into Narratives

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9 Top RPA Companies of 2024: Front Runners in Smart Technology

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AI in Cybersecurity: The Comprehensive Guide to Modern Security

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Splash graphic featuring the logo of Coursera.

5 Top Coursera Data Analytics Certification Courses Of 2024

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Business Intelligence vs. Predictive Analysis: How Do They Differ?

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6 Industry-Leading Predictive Analytics Examples & Applications

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5 Top Predictive Analytics Techniques and Real-World Applications

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8 Best Network Monitoring Tools of 2024 (Free & Paid)

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What Is Cybersecurity? Definitions, Practices, Threats

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76 Top SaaS Companies to Know In 2024

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