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Datamation staff writer Kathryn Pearl Timonera has covered a wide range of industries in her career, including technology, cybersecurity, e-commerce, programming, aviation, finance, insurance, and business, and she managed the marketing team of a full stack development online school. After starting her career as a teacher, Kathryn now applies her talent for presenting information to technology and cybersecurity professionals.

Digital background with moving glowing particles.

Mastering Structured Data: From Basics to Real-World Applications

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Best Open Source Software List For Data Management In 2024

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Ultimate Guide to Data Visualization Jobs

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8 Best Coursera Data Visualization Certificate Courses of 2024

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Coursera: Machine Learning (ML) Courses for Certification in 2024

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12 Top Data Mining Certifications of 2024

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34 Top Open Source Software Companies Shaping 2024

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Data Science vs Data Engineering: An In-Depth Comparison

Data Science vs Data Engineering: Which is right for you? Definitions, roles, and more to guide your path.
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What Is Data Availability? Best Practices and Challenges

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What Is Statistical Analysis? Ultimate Guide

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