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Datamation staff writer Kathryn Pearl Timonera has covered a wide range of industries in her career, including technology, cybersecurity, e-commerce, programming, aviation, finance, insurance, and business, and she managed the marketing team of a full stack development online school. After starting her career as a teacher, Kathryn now applies her talent for presenting information to technology and cybersecurity professionals.

A team collects data for mining and analysis.

11 Top Data Collection Trends Emerging In 2024

Data collection trends emerge in response to technological advancements, enterprise demands, and market fluctuations, and our predictions for 2024 hold the promise of all...
3D frame render of a hand picking a puzzle piece with data mining inscription.

Is Data Mining Illegal? 6 Best Practices To Keep You Safe

Concerned about data mining legality? Top 10 facts for your peace of mind.
Swirls of data points in big data analytics.

What Is Big Data Analytics: 5 Key Benefits Explored

What is big data analytics and why does it matter? Explore its core concept and discover 5 key benefits for strategic business growth.
Abstract data visualization.

What Is Qualitative Data? Characteristics & Examples

What is qualitative data, and why does it matter? Explore its essential characteristics and real-world examples so you can confidently apply it.
An analyst uses a computer and dashboard for data business analysis.

Data Analytics: Job Outlook & Market Guide for 2024

Considering a career in data analytics? Explore the job market outlook for 2024 and make informed decisions about your future.
Various collection of graphs, charts and numerical data in a virtual environment.

What Is Quantitative Data? Characteristics & Examples

Quantitative data is information restricted to numerical values, making it quantifiable and amenable to statistical analysis. It includes objective and observable information stated in...
Visualization of data bytes in cyberspace.

Qualitative Data vs. Quantitative Data: Understanding Key Differences

Curious about the key differences between qualitative vs quantitative data? Uncover the distinctions in our qualitative data vs quantitative data guide.
Abstract visualization of data.

Unstructured Data: Examples and How It Works

Unstructured data is data that doesn't have a set structure and is not organized. Learn about the different types of unstructured data.
Numerical digits flowing down matrix style.

What is Raw Data? Definition, Examples, & Processing Steps

Raw data is unprocessed data that has not been organized or analyzed. Learn about raw data, its definition, examples, and processing steps.
Modern hi-tech, science, futuristic technology concept.

External vs. Internal Vulnerability Scans: What’s the Difference?

Vulnerability scans are an important part of any security strategy. Learn the differences between external and internal vulnerability scans.