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49 iPad Apps for Reference and Research

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That iPad of yours is quite a bargain – with the right apps it’s every reference book you could want in one small package. Just look at these 50 fact-filled iPad apps you can download for free or close to it. You’ll have answers at your fingertips.

General Reference

1) Area Codes ($1.99): This app works so quickly that if you get a call from an unfamiliar number you can fire it up to find out where it’s coming from before you answer it.

2) Articles for iPad ($4.99): It’s the best Wikipedia app around. Enter what you’re looking for and Articles will tell you all about it. The maps feature will show you historic places near your current location.

3) Bing for iPad (free): Don’t use Bing through Safari; use this app instead since it’s formatted for your iPad.

4) HD ($4.99): Why get the paid version of this dictionary app? Because it’s ad-free. It’s the full dictionary, so no Internet connected is needed.

5) English Thesaurus ($1.99): What was that word again? When you find yourself grasping for a word, reach for this top thesaurus instead.

6) Google Search (free): More than a text search tool, this app includes Google Goggles. You can snap a picture of anything you see and run a visual search.

7) Grammar App HD ($1.99): Is English not your first language? If so, test your mastery of English with this app, which helps with word selection and vocabulary.

8) Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD (free): Unbelievable, but true: this venerable dictionary is completely free for the iPad. Use the favorites list to remember words you find interesting.

9) Pocket Reference (free): Free for a limited time, this reference guide promises to put a myriad of useful facts on a variety of subjects at your fingertips.

10) Qwiki (free): This free app is perfect for knowledge lovers who enjoy browsing the encyclopedia. It offers attractively-formatted entries on over 3 million topics.

11) Terminology ($2.99): A must for word-lovers, Terminology lets readers explore words and their meanings.

12) White & Yellow Pages (free): Offers listings and more. Check out the Deals section to shop for bargains on services near you.

13) WhitePages (free): Look up addresses for more than 200 million adults and businesses in the U.S.

14) WolframAlpha ($1.99): The popular online information database has come to the iPad. Look up all kinds of fun or useful facts and trends.

15) The World Factbook for iPad ($1.99): Be a good citizen of the world by studying this fascinating guide to all the nations.

16) WordBook XL ($2.99): Get a top-notch dictionary and thesaurus in one handy app. You can even hear professionally-recorded pronunciation for each word.

17) The World HD Atlas & Factbook ($3.99): Enjoy colorful maps for every spot on Earth. Zoom in or out: they’ll still look great.

18) World Map for iPad ($.99): Currently on sale for 50 percent off, this app offers colorful, up-to-date maps for every country.

19) Zip Codes ($1.99): Download it now, because you’ll need it at some time. This app makes it fast to look up a zip code, or you can input a zip code and learn what locations it covers.

Hobbies and Professions

20) Audubon Guides ($19.99): Yes, it’s the most expensive reference guide here, but it’s worth it. Enjoy gorgeous color photos and definitive guides to birds, mammals, trees, and wildflowers.

21) Boater’s Pocket Reference ($4.99): Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran on the high seas, this guide is an essential.

22) Car Factor (free): Save money and shop smart for your next car. This app includes info on 13,500 makes and over 350,000 options.

23) Financial Terms for iPad ($2.99): Even for pros, financial terms can be confusing. This app includes a database of over 7,500 investment, banking, trading, and financial terms.

24) Free Law Dictionary (free): Latin lingo got you frazzled? Look it up in this guide to over 1,200 legal terms.

25) HTML5 Reference Guide (free): A must for site-builders, this guide includes everything you need to know about tags, attributes, and HTML5.

26) iFixit (free): Don’t pay someone else: fix it yourself. This attractively-illustrated guide includes step-by-step instructions for thousands of projects.

27) Instrument Flying Handbook ($2.99): Pilots going for their instrument rating will love this handbook, which includes over 1,600 pages of information.

28) The Law Guide (free): When you have a legal question and need some advice, turn to this guide. It includes over 7,500 legal definitions and the full text of many important legal documents.

29) LawStack (free): Better than a stack of law books, this app includes the text of several documents and state codes.

30) Pilot Handbook ($2.99): This ebook offers the full text of the 2008 Federal Aviation Administration’s Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.


31) iSpeak French ($1.99): A must for French travelers, this app translates from English to French and French to English. It also lets you save and mail translations.

32) iSpeak German ($1.99): Hear German words with the correct pronunciation. This app includes a high-quality German voice so you’ll always know how to say things.

33) iSpeak Spanish ($1.99): Translate Spanish words and phrases anywhere you go. Note that these and the other iSpeak apps require an Internet connection.

34) iTranslate (free): For the serious world traveler, this app can translate words and phrases in over 50 languages.

35) My World Atlas – Lite (free): More than an atlas, this app lets armchair travelers explore the world and learn about other countries.

36) Spanish Phrasebook with Audio ($.99): If you want to be able to say more than “please” and “thank you” on your visit, this app teaches conversational Spanish.

37) World Atlas HD ($1.99): What sets this atlas apart? World maps from National Geographic. It also includes facts about each country.

38) The World by National Geographic ($3.99): More fun than a regular atlas, this app offers a spinning virtual globe and fun facts.

39) World Map for iPad Free (free): This free atlas includes political divisions, world time zones, and easy map switching.


40) 100 History Changers ($.99): Hours of reading fun for those who enjoy studying the great statesmen and inventors.

41) 23,000 Great Quotes ($.99): An ideal toastmaster’s companion, this app has quotes on every subject and a tool for saving your favorites.

42) A History of Words (free): Word-lovers will adore this visual tool for studying the frequency of words in print.

43) Animated Knots in 3D ($.99): Finally, a knot guide we can all follow. If 2D diagrams get you confused, you’ll love this animated 3D approach.

44) Constitution for iPad (free): Settle any legal debate in seconds by having this central document at hand.

45) How to Tie a Tie (free): Why stick with your usual four-in-hand knot? This app teaches 12 classic knots and offers style tips, as well.

46) iPad Tips for Dummies ($.99): Sure, the iPad is simple, but you still might have some questions. For a mere buck this ebook will have you using it to its full potential.

47) Human Body Facts 1000 (free): There’s no machine as captivating and complicated as the human body. Download this to enjoy a thousand eyebrow-raising facts.

48) MyCongress (free): Updated for the current congressional roster, this app lets you track your officials with news, videos, and Twitter feeds.

49) Your Rights (free): Don’t feel like a helpless citizen, download this guide to your rights. It includes crucial legal info for a variety of topics.

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