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50 iPad Security Apps

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iPad security apps will grow ever more popular as the iPad itself gains adoption. And fortunately, the iPad that works so well as a book reader and a game player is also your home and office security center.

Here are the 50 best iPad security apps to help you keep your world safer, from passwords to cameras to alarms to theft prevention.

iPad Apps: Passwords

1) 1Password ($9.99):

Store all your website passwords in one place. This version of the app only works with iPads.

1Password Pro

This universal version of the app works with iPod Touches and iPhones, in addition to iPads. So if you have multiple devices, you can store passwords securely on all of them.

DataVault Password Security

This highly customizable app lets you protect all your sensitive information, from logins to frequent flyer accounts.

iPad Security Apps


This app includes 256-bit AES encryption and can be used on iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones.

eWallet Lite

For no money at all you can use the lite version of eWallet, which is limited to storing 10 cards in one wallet.

How Strong Is Your Password?

Not all passwords are equally effective. This app simulates how long it would take a cybercriminal to hack your password.


Don’t use your pet’s name as a password. Instead, use this app to create highly secure passwords. You can set it to use numbers and European characters.


This app protects your passwords with 128-bit encryption. Partner it with the desktop application ($29.95 per year) to synchronize your private info between your iPad and computer.


The app creates secure passwords out of simple passwords that you can remember. Use one easy password for all your sites and the app converts it into a different complex password for each site.


The app creates and stores multiple types of passwords with a friendly, customizable interface. Your purchase also gets you a free desktop backup and restore utility.


This simple tool lets you save your passwords in categories and supports Italian and French, besides English.

Password One

This universal app (it also works on iPod Touches and iPhones) lets you shake to create secure passwords, then easily save them. This full version lets you edit and nickname passwords.

Password One Lite

This limited version of the app still lets you shake to create passwords up to eight characters long, then store them in a locker.

Password Strength

This app generates random, secure passwords, and also gives you a visual notification of how secure your current passwords are.


This charmingly cartoony app creates complex passwords then saves them to your clipboard for use.


A great deal, this app lets you backup, restore, and view your saved data on your computer using the desktop client. The purchase gets you a 25 percent coupon on the desktop client.

iPad Apps: Data Handling

Privacy Mode

Use this app to browse the Web on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch without leaving a trace.

Private Eyes

What goes on at your home computer when you’re not around? This app will discretely tell you.


Safe lets you protect any type of data—even images, something you rarely see—using 256-bit encryption.

Safe Wallet

Use this app to store any type of personal information, then synchronize and backup your data to your desktop computer.

Secure Web Browsing

Surf the Web on your iPad and don’t worry about leaving any history or cookies behind.

Secure Web Browsing Pro

Upgrade to this Pro version if you want to password protect the app, so that you can safely bookmark favorite sites and use cookies.

iPad Apps: Cameras

iPad Security Apps

Cam Viewer

Monitor your security cameras with this app, which supports pan, tilt, and zoom controls.

D-Link Cams

Monitor your home or business’s D-Link cameras, and save snapshots of crucial events.

External Camera Pro

Use your iPad to view live video created remotely on an iPhone.


Use this app to monitor up to six security cameras at one time.


This popular security cam viewer will send you push notifications when it detects movement.


One of the best-rated security camera apps, this lets you access and control IC Realtime DVR cameras and IP cameras from your iPad.

IP Camera Viewer

This security camera viewer supports a wide variety of camera makers, and includes zoom, pan, and tilt commands.

Linksys Cams

You can view and control up to 100 Linksys cameras with this app. It also lets you save snapshots.

Live Cams HD

This full service app lets you control dozens of types of cams, and view over 3,000 public camera streams.

MobileCamViewer Enterprise

Use this pricey app to view six cameras at once. It also lets multiple viewers watch the same video stream.

Panasonic Cams

View video streams from Panasonic video cameras, then save snapshots.

ProCamPlus HD

This app lets you view an unlimited number of cams, and there’s no account for you to set up.

Sony IP Cams

This app makes it fast and easy to control and view Sony networked cameras.

Viewer for Axis Cams

Got an Axis security camera? Use this app to view and control it.

Viewer for Mobotix Cams

If you have a Mobotix camera set up (or multiple cameras), use this app to view video streams and save snapshots.

Vivotek Cams

You can view up to 100 networked Vivotek cameras with this app, which works faster than the company’s browser interface.


View your networked Y-Cam IP cameras, then save snapshots of what you see. The app includes demo cam links to help you get started.

iPad Apps: Alarms

iPad Security Apps

Alarm Security

Arm your iPad with this alarm system. When you iPad is moved, this app produces the loud alarm of your choosing.

Alarm System HD

Keep thieving hands off your iPad. When this alarm is in place, your iPad will produce an alarm sound and a flashing light when it’s moved.


Most alarm apps have a flaw, in that pressing the Home button will shut down the app. But Alarmomatic continues to produce a tone for a short while after the Home button is hit.

Security System

Several apps can produce an alarm when they sense motion, but this one also detects noise. Set an alarm to go off if someone makes a noise near it.


Keep prying eyes off your iPad with this app, which works with iPhones and iPod Touches, as well.

IPad Apps: Loss and Theft Prevention

iPad Security Apps

Barking Dog Home Security

There’s no security system like a loud dog, and with this app your neighbors will think you have one.

Bluetooth Tether

This app creates a virtual tether between your iPhone and iPad. When they’re out of range of each other, an alarm rings on both.

Guard Dog for iPad

This motion sensing-app will produce realistic barking dog sounds when your iPad is moved.

iHound Tracker

With this tracking apps, you’ll always know where your iPad (and the person carrying it) are. The purchase gets you 90-days of service; a full year of service is $10.99.

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Mobile

Be in the know. With this app, you can know about new malware threats immediately.

SmrtgGuard Mobile Security

Don’t lose your valuable data. This app lets you wirelessly backup and restore your information.

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