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Devin Partida writes about business technology and innovation. Her work has been featured on Yahoo! Finance, Entrepreneur, Startups Magazine, and other industry publications. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of ReHack.

What is Big Data Management?

Big Data Management is the collection, organization, and analysis of vast amounts of data. Learn more about its benefits & best practices.

Pros and Cons of Big Data – Datamation

Explore the many pros and cons of using big data in your business. Get an in-depth look at the advantages & disadvantages of big data now.

A Guide to the Most Common IoT Protocols and Standards 2023

Learn about the latest Internet of Things protocols and standards in 2023. This guide covers the different protocols, standards, and use cases for IoT.

Data Management: Types and Challenges

Learn the different types of data management, the challenges they present, and the solutions available to help you better manage and protect your data.

5 Ways to Use Big Data to Gain Customer Insights

Big data is the term used to describe large amounts of data being created quickly from a wide range of sources. Learn how to use big data to get insights about your business.

5 Business Use Cases for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary technology that is already changing how businesses work. Here are five use cases for it.

5 Digital Transformation Examples

The term “digital transformation” can be defined broadly, encompassing many ideas and largely tied to an organization’s specific goals. For example, a digital transformation might entail a business switching from paper forms...

Trends in Low-Code/No-Code

Coding is an in-demand skill that usually requires highly specialized knowledge. However, the rapid rise of Low-Code/No-Code (LC/NC) platforms has allowed people to engage in web and app development in a new...

The Future of Low Code No Code

Low-Code/No-Code (LC/NC) platforms are revolutionizing the software development industry. Today, anyone can use them to create their own app, tool, or website without existing programming knowledge. How will Low-Code/No-Code platforms evolve in...

Top Open Source Companies 2023

Open source companies are, for the purpose of the list below, defined as companies that make significant use of open source software. As you'll see in the list, many of the companies...

How to Create a Firewall Security Policy, with Examples

This firewall policy guide is a beginner’s guide to creating a clear and practical firewall policy for organizations in any industry. This guide covers all the key elements of creating a firewall...

3 Types of Vulnerability Scanners Explained

Vulnerability scanners — also known as vulnerability assessments — are automated, digital solutions specifically designed to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in an organization’s website, application, and network security systems. Various reactive cybersecurity tools...

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