How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Used by 20th Century Studios, Epiq, PureTech Global, FintechOS, and WildTrack: Case Studies

With the increasing amount of data and user interactions, many companies are struggling to keep up with their volume of data without sacrificing quality and missing opportunities.

artificial intelligence (AI) solutions offer ways to save time and energy on using data as well as improve business outcomes. 

See below for some artificial intelligence examples that highlight how companies are integrating AI into their operations:

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5 Artificial Intelligence Case Studies

1. WildTrack on SAS Viya

WildTrack is an environmental organization specializing in non-invasive wildlife monitoring. They track and protect endangered wildlife in the African landscape.

They used AI to re-create indigenous animal-tracking skills at scale.

“You know, identifying footprints is a very tedious process, to be able to sort and classify them,” says Mary Beth Ainsworth, an AI and language analytics strategist at SAS.

“So to be able to take that one task — that’s a repetitive task — and automate it seemed like a natural fit for an AI solution.”

Industry: Wildlife conservation

Artificial intelligence products: SAS Viya and SAS Analytics


  • Saving time and resources analyzing thousands of images
  • Crowdsourcing footprint images from all over Africa
  • More efficient animal tracking

Read the full WildTrack on SAS Viya case study here.

2. FintechOS on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

FintechOS works with banks and companies in the finance industry to digitize their customer experience by building custom platforms.

Their goal is to make their service more accessible to their non-technical clients by leveraging artificial intelligence for a low-code digital creation process.

“We replaced a three-day paper-based process … with a 15-minute digital customer journey, thanks to Azure’s integrated AI capabilities,” says Remco Jorna, chief technology officer at FintechOS.

“Azure services freed us from preparing the underlying platform and let us focus on developing our solution.”

Industry: Banking and finance

Artificial intelligence products: Azure Cognitive Services, Azure API Management, and Azure DevOps


  • Complete an onboarding process in minutes instead of days
  • Research, develop, test, and deploy the final product in record time
  • Text analytics, optical character recognition, and face recognition boost security by confirming customer identity

Read the full FintechOS on Azure Cognitive Services case study here.

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3. PureTech Global on Amazon Forecast

PureTech Global offers telecommunications services in 13 countries, in addition to music, games, and video content.

To diversify their income streams, PureTech Global is investing in over-the-top (OTT) services to encourage subscriber loyalty. To overcome competition in the industry, they opted to use AI and machine learning (ML) in their apps.

“Without the help of AWS and eCloudvalley, we would have required extensive research and training, plus a whole team to handle this project,” says John Lim, chief technology officer at PureTech Global.

“Even in the first few months post-implementation, the AI project has generated more revenue for us. This, in turn, allows us to provide more value-added services and quality content to subscribers.”

Industry: Telecommunications and entertainment

Artificial intelligence products: Amazon Forecast, Amazon Simple Storage Service, AWS Glue, and AWS Lambda


  • Helped drive 20% increase in billing renewal
  • Enables detailed data insights and reporting
  • Expands knowledge base to apply to new projects
  • AI-enabled billing system with limited oversight required

Read the full PureTech Global on AWS Forecast case study here.

4. 20th Century Studios on Google Cloud AI

20th Century Studios is an American film studio with a nearly 90-year history.

They sought to revolutionize their audience discovery and film marketing tactics by using big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

They built AI tools to analyze their non-sequel movies and pinpoint the appropriate audience for marketing. 

“And to answer the questions, the tool does massive parallel multi-tests, sampling hundreds of different audiences,” says Miguel Campo-Rembado, SVP of data science and analytics at 20th Century Studios.

“And it outputs a sophisticated report that helps us describe, with unprecedented level of detail, who are the core fans for this movie, who are the persuadable audiences, and who are the no-shows.”

Industry: Entertainment

Artificial Intelligence Products: Google Cloud Vision AI, Google Cloud Video AI, and Google Cloud Data Analytics


  • Discovering and onboarding new audiences
  • Saving marketing resources on no-show audiences
  • Understanding the type of movie they’re making

Watch the full 20th Century Studies on Google Cloud AI case study here.

5. Epiq on Amazon Augmented AI

Epiq provides legal and business services to law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies worldwide.

One of their most prominent services is courtroom proceeding transcription.

Since human-based transcription is time-consuming, they opted to scale up operations using AI to automate transcription.

“In a few weeks, Epiq delivered an AWS-powered transcription solution that is 5% more accurate than other third-party transcription engines,” says Don Young, VP of Engineering at Epiq.

“Transcription is an engine, and we use AWS Step Functions as an adaptation tool to effectively automate the many flows within our system.”

Industry: Professional services

Artificial intelligence products: Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Augmented AI, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud


  • Provides courtroom transcriptions with 85% accuracy
  • Achieves 5% more accuracy than traditional tools
  • Multilingual support
  • Developed an e-discovery solution in three months

Read the full Epiq on Amazon Augmented AI case study here.

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