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Software Downloads: Most Popular Downloads

Download these popular software programs by following the links in this list. Click on the link to go to the publisher’s download page.

Internet Explorer 7
The browser that rules the Internet. Released in October 2006. Features include tabbed browsing, integrated RSS, better standards compliance, and advanced security. Free download.

Norton AntiVirus 2008
Designed to guard your PC from every imaginable type of virus, whether it’s from an Internet download, floppy disk,CD-ROM drive, an e-mail message attachment, or your office network. Cost: $39.

QuickTime 7.2 for Windows
No other application currently allows Windows users to view a QuickTime file (*.MOV) without first having the drivers included in the QuickTime package. Free, but there’s a $29.99 Pro version available.

Mozilla Firefox
The “other” browser, with next generation tools and accessories, including an improved pop-up blocker and Live bookmarks. Firefox is a serious challenger to Internet Explorer’s dominance. Free.

Paint Shop Pro X2
The venerable Paint Shop Pro app is “in between” the bottom end freebie image ediors and the monster full-fledged Adobe Photoshop. Price $99.99.

Adobe Flash Player
The highly popular player allows all manner of Web entertainment and interactivity. Allows viewing of streamed multimedia Flash content. Free.

Ad-Aware 2007 Free

A highly popular anti-spyware product for computer users around the world. Designed to allow individuals to control their own privacy and security. Version released August 2007. Free.


Known and loved the world over, Skype allows free PC-based long distance phone calls if both users are using Skype.

Adobe Photoshop Cs3

One of the biggest, most full-featured image editors available — the gold standard. Cost: $649.

AVG Anti-Virus Free

Used by mililons, this free scanner combines real-time virus protection and e-mail scanning with free virus definition updates and limited support. Free.

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