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James Maguire is Datamation's Senior Managing Editor and has been reporting on technology topics for more than 15 years. He has covered the gamut of enterprise and consumer technology, and regularly communicates with leading IT newsmakers, vendors and analysts.

Robotic process automation concept.

Top 15 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Companies

RPA (robotic process automation) is software automation technology that is programmable by users to accomplish business tasks. It enables users to create intelligent software...
hitachi vantara

Hitachi Vantara CEO Gajen Kandiah: Data Analytics and Creating Success

As the CEO of Hitachi Vantara, Gajen Kandiah leads a company that offers IoT, data analytics, storage, artificial intelligence and cloud computing; in short,...
A cloud computing network architecture.

Snowflake and the Enterprise Data Platform

A new report entitled Data's Evolution in the Cloud: The Lynchpin of Competitive Advantage explores executives' attitude toward the essential – and challenging –...
Employees meet around table and over laptop computer.

Best Practices for RPA Deployments

Among the many technologies with potential to completely alter the workplace, clearly robotic process automation, RPA, is a leader. RPA enables companies to save precious...
A IT employee checks on servers in a data center.

Do Hard Drives Still Make Sense for Your Data Center?

It's been a raging debate in the data center sector for years now: hard disk drives vs. solid state drives. Regardless of hype, what's...
data analytics

Data Analytics Infrastructure: Current Trends

Data analytics infrastructure is area that requires constant deep study to remain current. The very term data analytics infrastructure is itself far from simple. It's...
hitachi vantara

Data Governance Best Practices

The average employee may not be wildly excited about data governance. The term may seem dry, perhaps vague, probably really complicated. It has something...
hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Early in the evolution of cloud computing – say, about 2012 – many pundits said the public cloud would make data centers obsolete. Yet...
Employees perform data management processes from a laptop.

Using Technology to Reimagine Work Post Covid-19

The role of technology – from cloud to data analytics to Zoom – is expected to play an ever greater role in shaping how...
hybrid cloud

Hybrid Meets Edge: Oracle Cloud Unveils Roving Edge Computing Devices

As cloud computing continues to grow – seemingly with no end in sight – a key challenge faces businesses: how do they expand their...