Friday, January 27, 2023

Windows PC Sales Hit a Low as Tablet Sales Soar in Q2, Canalys Says

Computerworld: Market research firm Canalys says that sales of Windows PCs fell to a new low in the second quarter of 2012 while tablet sales were on the rise. According to the report, manufacturers shipped 24 million tablets during the period, a 75 percent year-over-year increase. Windows PCs accounted for 73 percent of computing devices sold, a record low.

Most research firms consider tablets and PCs separately, but Canalys lumps both together in one report. It found that sales of both types of devices increased 11.7 percent, totaling 108.7 million units for the quarter. Apple was the top vendor, capturing 19.4 percent of the combined tablet/PC market. HP came in second with a 12.5 percent market share, followed by Lenovo (12.1 percent) and Acer (9.8 percent).

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