Thursday, February 2, 2023

Where Are the New Mac Desktops?

Forbes: At the kickoff for its WWDC event, Apple showed off plenty of new Mac laptop hardware, but company execs didn’t even mention the desktop Mac Pro line. Apple did quietly release new desktops on Monday, but it made only minor changes to the hardware, primarily processor upgrades.

Many loyal Mac users expressed outrage at Apple’s disregard for desktop users, including Andy Hertzfeld, who wrote much of the code for the original Mac operating system. He blogged, “Even though I’m well aware that Apple’s future lies increasingly with mobile iOS-based devices, it still makes no sense to drop the ball on your high end desktop Mac so thoroughly, and to utterly disappoint your most loyal customers like yours truly. Why do an update at all if you hardly change anything?”

Apple has responded by saying it is still committed to desktop computers and will offer a major update to the Mac Pro line in 2013.

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