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Avya Chaudhary is an engineer turned writer who develops content for businesses and is pursuing her passion for content marketing and community service. She also has a history of working with NGOs and civil societies and is an ardent Potter-head.

Vector illustration of data monitoring and observability concept.

Data Observability vs Data Monitoring: 3 Key Differences

Seeking clarity on observability vs monitoring? Identify 3 main differences to refine your analysis.
Blue particles floating over a virtual grid.

Semi-Structured Data: Definition and Examples

Semi-Structured Data combines structured and unstructured data. Discover what semi-structured data is and examples.

7 Best Practices for Data Science

Data science is a rapidly evolving field. Learn the 7 best practices for data science to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your data's potential.
Employees perform data management processes from a laptop.

6 Top Data Classification Trends

Data classification is an important part of data security. Discover the top X data classification trends for 2023, including automated classification, and more.
Virtual shield with keyhole icon on a digital globe.

National Cybersecurity Strategy: What Businesses Need to Know

Learn about the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan and what it means for businesses. Discover the key components of the plan.
Threat scanned on a monitor.

5 Vulnerability Scanning Case Studies

With a global increase in cybercrime, threat actors are targeting companies of all sizes, making vulnerability scanning a cybersecurity necessity. See below for five case...
Cybersecurity protects data an employee inputs into a laptop and network. Courtesy Adobe.

5 Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Case Studies

Cyberthreats are rapidly evolving, and it is critical for companies to employ next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) as part of their network security strategy. See below for...
A virtual person embraces a network of data.

How Storage Virtualization is Used by Groupo Alcione, Seneca Family of Agencies, Consolidated Communications...

Storage virtualization makes a company’s storage management flexible by increasing disk utilization, replication, and migration.  Most virtualization solutions create an integrated interface for administrators, allowing...
A user taps a backup button on a digital interface.

How Backup Storage is Used by Alchemy, Viessmann, DTC, Center for Sales Strategy, and...

It is essential for companies to employ a backup storage solution as a precautionary step to enable data recovery after a cyberattack or disaster. See...
A smartphone connects to a wireless data network.

How Wireless Networking is Used by Meraki, Cradlepoint, AOptix, Strix Systems, and Veniam

The wireless networking market is benefiting from private and public investments in both wireless infrastructure and technology.  With major governments pursuing 5G as the next...