Emma Crockett

Emma Crockett is a writer for Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum based in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes research-based articles about data science and data storage. When she is not writing, she is searching for the best lattes in Nashville and playing with her dog, Dante.

What is Digital Transformation?

Part tech implementation, part culture change, digital transformation completely changes the value your business brings to its customers. Learn how.

Companies Hiring for Cybersecurity Jobs

A concise round up of companies hiring for a high volume of cybersecurity-related positions that acts as a go-to and shareable resources for job candidates.

Companies Hiring for Automation Jobs

A concise round up of companies hiring for a high volume of automation-related positions that acts as a go-to and shareable resources for job candidates.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on creating computers that simulate human thinking by using data models to recognize patterns and make predictions based upon those patterns....

Top 20 Tools for DevOps

DevOps tools are a broad category of software platforms and apps that can help teams throughout the software development lifecycle, from collaboration to code reviews to deployment. Because the category encompasses so...

Top 5 AI Image Generators

AI image generators lets users create artistic images in different styles by entering a text or image prompt. Here are the top five tools for general use.

Top 5 Robotics Companies for 2023

Robotics is a field of computer science and engineering that focuses on the construction, design, and operation of robots. Introducing robotics to a workplace can benefit human employees by increasing accuracy, making...

Top 7 Digital Transformation Companies

Digital transformation is the process of transferring tasks and tools into the digital world to completely reinvent business procedures and customer experiences with new digital capabilities. If your business is considering working...

Top 7 Cloud Data Warehouse Companies in 2023

Data warehouses are increasingly necessary for organizations that gather information from multiple sources and need to easily analyze and report on that information for better decision making. These enterprise systems store current...

What is Data Aggregation?

Data Aggregation is the process of collecting data from multiple sources into a single location. Explore more about data aggregation now.

IoT Q&A With Cisco IoT Product Management VP Samuel Pasquier

Datamation staff writer Emma Crockett interviewed Samuel Pasquier, VP of Product Management, Cisco IoT, who shared his perspective on the development and growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Samuel Pasquier Q&A How...

Top Low Code Platforms

Low-Code Software enables individuals without coding skills to build business applications. Explore today's best low-code platforms now.

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