Top 10 Companies Hiring for Cybersecurity Jobs

We know cybersecurity jobs are hot, but who’s hiring? A survey of job boards for cybersecurity positions reveals that LinkedIn (102,869 full-time jobs listed) and Indeed (24,880 full-time jobs listed) offer the greatest selection.

Of the top 10 companies listing cybersecurity jobs, most are consulting companies, but technology and government/defense categories also are present, as of January 2022. 

There are many different companies hiring for cybersecurity that fall outside of the top 10 or are difficult to measure across their various subsidiaries or divisions. 

1. Deloitte (Consulting)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited provides accounting, financial, and consulting services to clients worldwide. Ranked No. 7 in LinkedIn’s “50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” Deloitte strives to lead by example in their inclusion, their compensation, their benefits, and their work-life balance.

Deloitte lists almost exclusively on-site work based in the 97 major cities in which they maintain their 126 offices. However, on their website, Deloitte notes that most positions have become hybrid positions that combine remote work, in-office work, and on-site client work.

Top job titles tied to cybersecurity sought by Deloitte include:

  • Cloud engineer
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • DevOps engineer

Deloitte’s common job benefits include: 

  • A paid time-off program that includes 15 paid holidays in 2022
  • Subsidies for work-from-home technology and well-being 
  • Full health benefits (medical, vision, dental, mental)
  • In-house training through Deloitte University

2. PwC (Consulting)

PwC, coming in at No. 17 in LinkedIn’s 50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” provides accounting, financial, and consulting services to their clients in 155 countries worldwide. The corporate direction and services are guided by PwC’s Code of Conduct and their five guiding values: Act with integrity, make a difference, care, work together, and reimagine the possible.

Most of PwC’s current offerings involve remote work, and the most common job titles tied to cybersecurity include:

  • Privacy manager
  • Governance manager
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Data associate

PwC’s competitive benefits and salaries vary by region but include:

  • Student loan paydown
  • Support for families, caregivers, and commuters
  • Work-life balance and a commitment to support employees’ physical (medical, vision, dental) and mental health
  • Continuous learning and professional development

3. EY (Consulting)

EY provides accounting, financial, and consulting services to clients through over 700 offices in over 150 countries. Ranked No. 10 in LinkedIn’s “50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” EY seeks to build their business and guide their customers to demonstrate integrity, respect, teaming, and inclusiveness through diversity and leadership.

While none of their job listings indicate hybrid or remote work, EY has shown commitment to flexible work and mobility since before the pandemic. Common titles tied to cybersecurity sought by EY include:

  • Cybersecurity manager
  • Cybersecurity consultant
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Data manager
  • Automation consultant

EY’s competitive benefits and salaries include:

  • Flexible vacation policy and time off to care for family members
  • Full health care (health, vision, dental, mental)
  • Allowances for gym membership or home gym equipment
  • Financial support for student loan repayment, tax preparation, and retirement plans

4. Booz Allen Hamilton (Consulting)

Over 100 years, Booz Allen Hamilton has provided management, technology, and engineering consulting from more than 80 offices worldwide. Booz Allen Hamilton seeks to create stronger communities through social impact, a culture of inclusion, and a commitment to ethics and integrity.

Roughly two-thirds of current job offerings require on-site work, and the most in-demand job titles tied to cybersecurity include:

  • Incident analyst
  • DevOps engineer
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Transformation consultant

In addition to competitive pay and benefits, Booz Allen Hamilton perks include:

  • Continuous training, tuition reimbursement, and mentorship
  • Flexible time off, paid leave, parental leave, and more
  • Physical and mental health benefits and a wellness program
  • 6% 401(k) match

5. Jacobs (Engineering)

Jacobs delivers engineering solutions to corporations and governments in 50 countries. Jacob’s IT solutions focus on cybersecurity and intelligence and are guided by their global sustainability strategy.

Almost all open cybersecurity job positions indicate in-person work, but their benefits include flexible and remote work options. Their most common job titles tied to cybersecurity include:

  • Software engineer
  • System administrator
  • System engineer
  • Intelligence analyst
  • Network specialist

Jacobs makes an effort for inclusion and to hire military and veteran talent. Common benefits include:

  • Retirement benefits and employee stock purchase plans
  • Health, disability, and parental leave benefits
  • Support for charitable giving and volunteering
  • Support for personal and professional growth through education

6. KPMG (Consulting)

KPMG provides accounting, financial, and consulting services to their clients in 145 countries. Ranked No. 26 in LinkedIn’s “50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” KPMG uses inclusion, diversity, and career development to improve their own capabilities and drive positive change for their client base.

KPMG job offerings will be issued by various KPMG subsidiaries and all company listings indicate on-site work. However, KPMG also maintains practice recommendations for remote work. The most common cybersecurity job titles include:

  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Senior security analyst
  • Security services specialist
  • Managed services manager
  • Senior security engineer

KPMG does not have extensive information about perks and benefits on their websites or job listings, but in various online sources, employees note competitive benefits packages that include:

  • Professional development and education support
  • Comprehensive health insurance
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Pension plan, 401(k) matching, and annual award programs 

7. VMware (Technology)

A pioneer in virtual machine technology, VMware maintains market leadership in virtual servers, virtual networks, multicloud services, and security, primarily through its Carbon Black technology. VMware maintains offices around the world and places great emphasis on employee development.

Almost all current job listings are remote positions, and their most common cybersecurity job titles include:

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Senior security engineer
  • Security professional
  • Senior software engineer
  • Test engineering specialist

VMware promotes a diverse and inclusive work environment and offers benefits such as:

  • Medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) savings plan with a company match and an employee stock purchase plan
  • Support for adoption or surrogacy, daycare backup, wellbeing, and work-life balance
  • VMware charitable matching gifts

8. Accenture (Consulting)

Accenture, ranked No. 12 in LinkedIn’s “50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” offers strategy, technology, and operations consulting services to clients in more than 120 countries. Accenture strives to “deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity” through a diverse and inclusive workforce that enables their clients to embrace change and sustainability.

All of Accenture’s job listings indicate in-person positions, but company blogs indicate that employees work a hybrid schedule with both remote and in-person work. Common cybersecurity job titles include:

  • Penetration tester
  • Investigator
  • Security consultant
  • Security operations center analyst
  • Senior tester

Accenture offers a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Base pay, bonuses, and performance equity pay
  • Medical, dental, vision, and wellness plans
  • Family management, adoption, surrogacy, parental leave, and dependent care programs
  • Flexible work and vacation programs
  • 401(k) plans with up to 6% match and employee share purchase plans

9. AT&T (Communications)

Ranked No. 4 in LinkedIn’s “50 Best Workplaces to Grow Your Career,” AT&T is best known for their communications businesses related to phones, cellphones, and internet access. AT&T also provides software and services to the managed security service provider (MSSP) market. 

Almost all jobs currently posted by AT&T indicate on-site requirements, and the common cybersecurity job titles include:

  • Mobility specialist
  • Solutions executive
  • Client solutions specialist
  • Hunter
  • Data analyst

AT&T strives for inclusion and diversity and emphasizes employee training and company-sponsored volunteer hours as key employee perks. Other competitive benefits include:

  • Discounted access to AT&T products and services, including tickets to live events 
  • Flexible vacation/sick time
  • Tuition assistance plan
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance

10. Leidos (IT Services)

Leidos strives to lead the development and application of technology to solve customers’ problems without sacrificing their core values of integrity, inclusion, innovation, agility, collaboration, and commitment to servant leadership. Leidos delivers cyber operations, system integration, digital transformation, and other IT services to governments and corporate customers.

Almost all cybersecurity jobs posted by Leidos require on-site work and include the titles:

  • System administrator
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Software engineer
  • System engineer
  • Cybersecurity engineer

Leidos offers competitive salaries and benefits including:

  • Comprehensive health, dental, vision, and mental well-being programs for candidates and their families
  • Health savings accounts and health care flexible spending accounts
  • Paid time off for vacations, personal business, illness, and parental leave
  • Compensated military reservist, jury, and bereavement leave
  • 401(k) plan with up to 5% matching and a stock purchase plan

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