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Emma Crockett is a writer for Datamation and Enterprise Storage Forum based in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes research-based articles about data science and data storage. When she is not writing, she is searching for the best lattes in Nashville and playing with her dog, Dante.

IoT Q&A With Cisco IoT Product Management VP Samuel Pasquier

Datamation staff writer Emma Crockett interviewed Samuel Pasquier, VP of Product Management, Cisco IoT, who shared his perspective on the development and growth of...

Top Low Code Platforms

Low-Code Software enables individuals without coding skills to build business applications. Explore today's best low-code platforms now.
ChatGPT app on a mobile device screen.

How to Use ChatGPT

ChatGPT-4, or Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer Four, is the latest release of OpenAI’s popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot and language model. ChatGPT-4 can mimic...
AWS logo icon.

IoT Q&A With Amazon Web Service VP Yasser Alsaied

Datamation's staff writer Emma Crockett interviewed Yasser Alsaied, VP of IoT at Amazon Web Services (AWS), who shared his perspective on the development and...
Top Internet of Things (IoT) Trends for 2022: The Future of IoT

Internet of Things Trends

This article provides the latest trends on the Internet of Things (IoT). Discover the future of IoT.
What is Big Data Security? Challenges & Solutions

What is Big Data Security? Challenges & Solutions

Big data security is the process of monitoring and protecting a company's important business data with the goal of ensuing safe and compliant ongoing...
A cloud computing network architecture.

5 Top Cloud Networking Trends

Trends in the cloud networking market shift rapidly, as the enterprise adjusts its hardware and software components to meet the growing data demands of...
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85 Top IoT Devices

By any market estimate, the list of top IoT devices is growing exponentially – and is poised for continued extremely rapid growth. Manufacturers are jumping...
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Top 7 IoT Analytics Platforms

IoT data analytics platforms are software tools that help businesses collect and analyze the data from their far-flung network of IoT (Internet of Things)...
A comparison image of popular data analytics icons versus data science icons.

Data Analytics vs. Data Science

Data science is a software that is often used to mine large datasets, and data analytics software is a direct version and can be seen as part of the larger process.