Tuesday, February 7, 2023

VMware’s New Bid to Simplify Desktop Virtualization

InformationWeek: VMware has released View 5.1, an update to its desktop virtualization product. The new software takes a more sophisticated approach to desktop virtualization, adding new management capabilities. And while previous versions of View saved every users’ entire desktop as an image, this version reduces storage requirements by storing those parts of the desktop that remain the same (e.g., the OS, Microsoft Office and other widely used applications) only once.

Other new features in VMware View 5.1 include a caching technology called Storage Accelerator, a storage cloning tool called Composer Array Integration and the View Persona Management feature, which allows users to switch from one device to another and maintain their settings. In addition, VMware is releasing its Horizon Application Manager, a management tool that complements View, as an on-premise appliance. (Previously, the Application Manager was only available on an SaaS basis.)

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