Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Judge Not Satisfied With Google’s Disclosures Over Commenter Pay

PCWorld: Judge William Alsup, who has been overseeing the Android-Java copyright lawsuit brought against Google by Oracle, said Google “failed to comply” with his order to provide the names of people who received money from the company and wrote articles or blog posts about the case. Google said it didn’t pay anyone directly for favorable media coverage, but the judge said that answer wasn’t good enough. He wanted a list of “all commenters known by Google to have received payments as consultants, contractors, vendors, or employees.” He continued, “As for organizations receiving money, they need not be listed unless one of its employees was a commenter. Gifts to universities can be ignored.”

Google has until Friday to comply with this new order. The judge said that Oracle should also supplement its list of paid commenters if necessary to comply with his clarifications.

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