Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Hybrid Cloud Best Practices: Video Roundtable

As cloud computing evolves in the years ahead, it’s likely that the hybrid cloud will see great adoption. Yet Gartner notes that hybrid cloud is now where private cloud was three years ago – “aspirations are high but deployments low.” It’s no surprise that businesses, while having fully embraced public cloud, are still lagging in hybrid cloud adoption: the complexities involved with synchronizing a private and public cloud are numerous. To provide guidance, the industry leading cloud professionals in this discussion will talk about issues like cloud management platforms (CMP), costs, scalability, choosing solutions, common pitfalls to avoid, and other key concerns.

Simone Brunozzi, VP and Chief Technologist, Hybrid Cloud, VMware
Sam Johnston, Director, Cloud & IT Services, Equinix
Geoff Arnold, Principal Engineer, Cisco
Steve Smoot, start-up specialist, author, “Private Cloud Computing

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

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