Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Google Chrome 19 Debuts, With 20 Bug Patches

InformationWeek: Google has taken the wraps off Chrome 19, the latest version of its Web browser. The update fixes twenty security vulnerabilities, and it will soon include a new tab syncing feature that will roll out over the next few weeks. Google’s Raz Mathias explained, “When you’re signed in to Chrome, your open tabs are synced across all your devices, so you can quickly access them from the ‘Other devices’ menu on the New Tab page.” He added, “If you’ve got Chrome for Android Beta, you can open the same recipe tab right on your phone when you run out to the store for more ingredients. The back and forward buttons will even work, so you can pick up browsing right where you left off.”

Current Chrome users don’t need to do anything to use the new version as the browser will auto-update.

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