Monday, February 6, 2023

Facebook Plans to Expose Notorious Hacker Gang

The New York Times: Facebook has divulged the identities of members of the Koobface gang, a hacker group responsible for a notorious worm that spread across the social network. The gang includes Anton Korotchenko, who uses the online nickname “KrotReal”; Stanislav Avdeyko, known as “leDed”; Svyatoslav E. Polichuck, who goes by “PsViat” and “PsycoMan”; Roman P. Koturbach, who uses the online moniker “PoMuc”; and Alexander Koltysehv, or “Floppy.”

The group has reportedly been living openly in St. Petersburg, Russia. Although law enforcement officials and security experts know their identities and the men regularly broadcast their locations through Twitter and Foursquare, no one has yet apprehended them. They are believed to have taken in millions of dollars through various online schemes.

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