Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Expert Panel: Cloud Computing Challenges 2018

As cloud computing has become a core element of enterprise strategy, issues and confusions abound about this rapidly evolving technology. New tools, multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud, a blizzard of options – there is no cookie cutter approach to cloud. To provide guidance, I spoke with three top professionals in the cloud industry. The topics we covered:

Cloud Storage and Backup Benefits

Protecting your company’s data is critical. Cloud storage with automated backup is scalable, flexible and provides peace of mind. Cobalt Iron’s enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution is known for its hands-free automation and reliability, at a lower cost. Cloud backup that just works.


1) What’s the biggest challenge/headache you see businesses grappling with in their cloud deployment? Is it about cost or technology itself?

2) How do you see related technologies shaping the cloud, like Kubernetes, IoT, or data analytics? Is 2018 the year the multi-cloud – or is that just hype and AWS rules all?

3) Where’s the cloud headed – and most important, what can businesses do now to get ahead of the curve? Plus: what’s up with the Dropbox IPO?

Greg Knieriemen,Chief Technology Strategist, Hitachi Vantara

Kurt Milne, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco CloudCenter

Rob Hirschfeld, Founder/CEO, RackN

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