Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Dell Launches Military Data Centers-In-A-Box

InformationWeek: Dell has unveiled a new product it calls the Tactical Mobile Data Center (TMDC), an “anytime, anywhere” military grade data center. The TMDC fits into standard 10-by-10 military containers and can withstand the shifts and bumps that occur when being transported by plane or helicopter. It’s also weather-proof, dust-proof and sand-proof. It includes fire suppression, emergency power-off, high-density cooling, backup ventilation, remote environmental monitoring (including video), intrusion monitoring, and controls for temperature, humidity and airflow.

The TMDC can be configured so that three servers fit in one container with a separate AC/UPS pack in a second container, or one server can be removed so that the entire unit fits into a single container. Users can also connect multiple TMDC units together, if they wish. “These are like Lego building blocks,” said Dell’s John Fitzgerald. “You can piece together what you need.”

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