Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cloud Foundry, PaaS, and the Future of Cloud

Video streams live on this page, Friday, January 20, 12 PM PST.

By enabling businesses to develop and deploy applications across multiple clouds, Pivotal touts itself as a key player for a multi-cloud world. It appears that Pivotal is well positioned for the diverse hybrid cloud world, in which enterprises spread their cloud budget among AWS, Azure and Google. At the same time, Pivotal faces its own competitive challenges.

James Watters, SVP of Product at Pivotal, has a true insider’s view of today’s cloud computing environment. We’ll talk to him about the role of PaaS going forward, the future of Pivotal and Cloud Foundry, and what advice he gives to companies seeking advice about their cloud strategy amid the complex cloud landscape. Please join us for an engaging discussion on Friday, January 20 at 12 PM PST.

James Watters, SVP of Product, Pivotal

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