Friday, January 27, 2023

AT&T Sets New Rules on ‘Unlimited Data’ Plans

The New York Times: AT&T has announced that it is changing the rules that govern when it begins throttling download speeds for customers with “unlimited” data plans. Previously, the carrier was limiting speeds for customers whose data usage put them in the top five percent of AT&T customers in their area. Customers complained that they never knew when they were getting close to the limits. Under the new plan, AT&T will throttle speeds for those who use more than 3GB of data in a billing cycle.

AT&T no longer sells new unlimited data plans, but it grandfathered in customers who already used the plans. The new throttling limits essentially make the unlimited plans the same as AT&T’s tiered 3GB plan, which also costs the same as the old unlimited plan.

According to Nielsen, the average smartphone owner uses 435 megabytes of data each month; 3GB is more than seven times that amount.

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