Friday, February 3, 2023

Apple-Samsung Judge ‘Livid’ Over Document Disclosure

InformationWeek: Samsung has provoked the judge presiding over the U.S. patent lawsuit filed by Apple. Reports said Judge Lucy Koh was “livid” after hearing that Samsung had given members of the media access to a PowerPoint presentation that the judge said could not be admitted as evidence. The slides suggest that Apple came up with the iPhone design by examining Sony products.

Samsung attorney John Quinn defended his actions as “lawful, ethical, and fully consistent with the relevant California Rules of Professional Responsibility” for attorneys. He added, “Far from violating any order, Samsung’s transmission to the public of public information disclosed in pretrial filings is entirely consistent with this court’s statements–made in denying both parties’ requests to seal documents–that [t]he United States district court is a public institution, and the workings of litigation must be open to public view. Pretrial submissions are a part of the trial.”

In response, Apple has asked the court to sanction Samsung for releasing the information. “This deliberate attempt to influence the trial with inadmissible evidence is both improper and unethical,” the company wrote.

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