Monday, December 5, 2022

Apple Demands U.S. Ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus

The Register: In the latest salvo in its ongoing patent war against Samsung, Apple has filed a lawsuit in California and is seeking a U.S. ban on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone while the case progresses. Apple claims that the Samsung phone violates four Apple patents and generally copies the iPhone. According to Apple’s filing, “Absent preliminary relief, by the time Apple prevails in this case – and Samsung’s infringement is so clear there can be no serious dispute that Apple will prevail – Samsung will have rushed the Galaxy Nexus, which misappropriates many patented features from the iPhone, to capture market share from Apple that Samsung will be able to retain long into the future.” It added, “Even worse … the full harm to Apple cannot be calculated, making it impossible for Apple to be compensated by money damages.”

The same court has previously found in Samsung’s favor when Apple sought an earlier sales ban. Apple is appealing that decision.

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