Monday, February 6, 2023 Suffers an Outage

The home page for’s retail site was offline for nearly an hour on Thursday. The company’s cloud computing services were not affected. A group of hackers is claiming responsibility, but their involvement cannot be confirmed.

FOX News reported, “’s homepage was briefly offline Thursday afternoon, a rare occurrence for the shopping giant. The front door for’s massive online store is back online following a brief outage — and a hacker group was quick to take credit.”

Brier Dudley with The Seattle Times noted, “While’s main site is down, the company’s web services provided to other companies are up and running fine, according to the Amazon Web Services health dashboard.”

NetworkWorld’s Brandon Butler observed, “’s latest earnings report showed that the company makes about $10.8 billion per quarter, or about $118 million per day and $4.9 million per hour.”

According to Gizmodo’s Mario Aguilar, “Hacker group Nazi Gods has taken to Twitter to claim responsibility for the attack…. Sources close to Amazon have told us that the outage was not related to any outside group.”

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