Sunday, December 4, 2022

Virtualization and Cloud Computing in 2011: Looking Bright

Virtualization and cloud computing were among the leading buzzwords of 2010. Serverwatch editor Amy Newman discusses the technologies’ prospects for 2011.

Virtualization, along with cloud computing, had a banner 2010. In an economic climate that was brutal and
unforgiving, both technologies chugged along with nary a derailment or serious
argument as to their value. In fact, most IT companies, from OEMs to ISVs to
anyone in between, attempted to get in on the action. Acquisitions, new products,
and products updates swung heavily in this direction.

This is not a market segment that will be slowing down any time soon. For enterprises,
the low hanging fruit that delivers significant cost savings is too sweet to
ignore. For vendors, the opportunities are are too rich to not pursue. This,
of course, means the competition is constantly increasing.

VMware’s record breaking stock price is yet one more indicator that the company
is not way slowing down; nor is it sharing center stage in the Virtualization theater
that many had anticipated.

So what’s in store for the new year?

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