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Sarah Bricker Hunt is a contributor to Datamation and writes about data privacy, telecom, corporate and consumer technology trends, and more. Her work is frequently featured in print publications, B2B and B2C trade journals, and numerous high-profile websites.

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What is a Digital Twin

A digital twin can be a helpful tool to help companies test and validate concepts ahead of their launch or to analyze the impact...
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EDR vs. NDR vs. XDR: Which Should You Use?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR), network detection and response (NDR), and extended detection and response (XDR) are closely related categories of threat detection technology....
Network security technology concept.

Firewall Placement: Where Firewalls Sit on a Network

At a high level, firewalls are positioned to create a protective barrier between external, potentially dangerous traffic sources and internal networks as well as...
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How to Perform a Vulnerability Scan: 4 Steps

Network vulnerability scanning is the process of pinpointing weaknesses and vulnerabilities across a network, including evaluating network assets like computers and other devices — any...
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How to Perform a Firewall Audit: 6 Steps

A firewall audit is a multistep process that gives organizations insight into the status and effectiveness of the firewalls installed throughout their network. These...
Top Cybersecurity Software and Suites in 2022 | Datamation

5 Types of Firewalls: Differences Explained & When to Use Each

Firewalls are network security devices that monitor and filter traffic as it flows to, from, and across networks based on a given enterprise’s pre-established...
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What is Network Detection and Response (NDR)? Ultimate Guide

Network detection and response, or NDR, is a cybersecurity tool that continuously scans traffic for potential risks by using machine learning and artificial intelligence...
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What Is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)? Ultimate Guide

Managed detection and response (MDR) adds an additional layer of protection and elevates the security postures of organizations relying on legacy solutions. Managed detection and...
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How Network Detection & Response (NDR) Works

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a network security approach that identifies and stops network threats that have gone otherwise undetected by traditional network...
Users, applications, and end points in a data network.

5 Internet of Things (IoT) Edge Computing Trends

Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing trends reflect the recent increase in the adoption of both edge computing and IoT among enterprises and individual...