Sunday, May 9, 2021

Will the iPhone be Virtualized?

Virtualization has been all the rage in enterprise data centers. As it works its way down the infrastructure food chain, how long until the popular iPhone sees virtualization?

First came workstation virtualization, then came server virtualization, then
the virtual desktop became a hot item. Now, virtualization can be described
as ubiquitous in the data center and well understood, albeit not widely deployed, on the desktop.

And now virtualization is moving yet further downstream. Last week, VMware announced
it had partnered with LG to enable virtualization on its Android-powered phones
and ideally make employee-owned smartphones palatable to security-conscious

LG has a strong and growing presence in the consumer market, but it is dwarfed by
BlackBerry in the enterprise market. LG will work with VMware to integrate its
end-user computing technology into its phones. This will “enable users to adopt
the mobile device of their choice, while allowing corporate IT departments to
manage sensitive data on those devices with enterprise-level security and compliance,” a
statement from VMware said.

Read the rest at ServerWatch.

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