Saturday, December 3, 2022

HP Unveils 900 Mbps Enterprise Wi-Fi

The refrain from business users is clear: we need faster Internet access. HP’s latest offering is an effort to grab marketshare in the ultra-fast Wi-Fi sector. Sean Michael Kerner reports.

Demand for Wi-Fi bandwidth continues to grow, which is why networking vendors continue to up the ante when it comes to Wi-Fi performance.

HP this week is announcing new Mobile Access Solution access points that hit a new top-end of performance in the HP portfolio. The new HP Wi-Fi access points can deliver up to 900 Mb/s of signaling capacity for enterprise users.

There are three new access points in total, including the dual-radio MSM460 and MSM466, which both have three spatial streams and 450 Mb/s per radio for 900 Mbs in total capacity. There is also the dual spatial stream SMSM430, which can deliver up to 600 Mb/s in total.

Jeff Schwartz, senior product manager for mobility and wireless at HP Networking told MSM460 and MSM466 are 3×3 arrays.

“So that’s three transmitters, three receivers and three spatial arrays to get to 450 Mb/s per radio,” Schwartz said.

Read the rest about HP’s enterprise Wi-Fi at ServerWatch.

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