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Top Ten Free iPhone Apps

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Sure, you’re a big spender. You waltzed right into a gorgeous Apple store and plunked down your credit card. You know you could have gotten a far cheaper handheld, but who impresses their friends by pulling out a Motorola Smartphone?

Like, dude, that’s just so lame. Snore….

But now that you’ve taken the plunge, financially, wouldn’t it be nice to save a few pennies on software? The word “free” has a gentle and calming sound. Repeat it quietly as you pay the extra charges.

The following list is not only free – gloriously, absolutely free – but it’s also comprised of only the very best. Every last iPhone owner should have these freebies. Call them the essentials of high-end, fashion-conscious portable computing.

While you’re outfitting your iPhone with snazzy new apps, you might consider 64 Seriously Cool iPhone Applications and 81 Tasty iPhone Apps. But a full wardrobe of them will set you back a few bucks. And in 2008, “free” is the new black.

So start downloading. And give your credit card a well-deserved rest.

[Note: Some links go straight to the iTunes application; others go to the developer’s Web site.]

1) Remote
This one’s wildly popular. It enables you to use your iPhone to control playback of songs and videos – all your multimedia – on your computer. Version 1.1 was released Sept. 16, 2008, so get the update if you have the old release. This new version lets you create and edit playlists in iTunes, as well as put together Genius playlists.

free iphone app, Remote

2) Google Mobile
This super-tweaked little tool turns your iPhone into a search machine, spitting out data as fast as your fingers can type: phone numbers, restaurants, those billion-plus Web pages that you need to scan, fast.

free iphone app, Google Mobile

3) Evernote
Armed with Evernote, your iPhone morphs into an information capture and organizing device, a veritable handheld library: grab notes, Web pages and photos, and store them in a manner that helps you find them later. There’s also a Premium version that’ll set you back $45 a year; it provides better security via SSL, no ads, and more upload allowance.

free iphone app, evernote

4) Jott
Your life moves too fast to write everything down. Instead, talk into your Jott-enabled iPhone, which takes your words and – presto – transcribes them to text. A convenient way to make lists and store mental memos. Think of it as a little unpaid secretary right in your pocket, if that image makes you feel good.

free iphone app, Jott

5) Twitterific
Tweet, tweet! You never want to be away from Twitter, so this tweety app lets you take it on the road. Twitterific auto-refreshes your feed and groups all your Twitter accounts onto one page. Special bonus: Twitterific lets you issue a snappy retort (or any kind of retort) to Twitter posts with a single button push.

free iphone app, Twitterific

6) NetNewsWire
An RSS reader for the iPhone that syncs with all of Newsgator’s free RSS readers (like the one on your Mac or Windows desktop) so you don’t read the same articles again. The new release on Sept 18, 2008 fixed a bug that slowed down updates.

free iphone app, NetNewsWire

7) Save Benjis
Saving Benjamins – that is, cold hard cash – is a wonderful use for you iPhone. Type a product ID number into this app and you’ll get a healthy list of competitive prices from online merchants. Who says capitalism is dead?

free iphone app, Saving Benjis

8) Yelp
Enter your location and Yelps spits out information about nearby gas stations, restaurants and other businesses. It helps you feel like a local even when you’re away from home. Customize your search function so you always know, for instance, the address of the closest Mexican eatery. Or, sample a similar app, Urbanspoon, which focuses on restaurants.

free iphone app, Yelp

9) AirMe
Quick and easy, AirMe uploads your pics (which you just snapped with your iPhone) to Flickr or Facebook. Plus, AirMe gives you the option of geotagging your photos, if you’re not paranoid about letting the whole world know where you are (or if there aren’t too many bill collectors after you).

free iphone app, AirMe

10) Pandora
Through the wonder of Internet radio, listen to music you like on your iPhone – without buying it. Type an artist name into Pandora and the app will stream their music, along with tunes by similar bands. Think of Pandora as a companion for (or a substitute for) the music you buy from iTunes.

free iphone app, Pandora

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