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iPhone Apps: the Top 46 Oddest

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Okay, you’ve loaded your iPhone with all sorts of sensible and helpful apps. For instance, popular freebies like Google Mobile (for search on the run) and Remote (to control your gadgets). Or must-have apps from 64 Seriously Cool iPhone Applications and 81 Tasty iPhone Apps.

But while many iPhone apps are useful, there are also a lot of bizarre apps in the iTunes Store. Every iPhone needs at least a few of these strange apps. I mean, all work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) pretty darn dull.

So here’s our list of the 46 most odd iPhone apps you can find. They fall into 6 categories: 1) Strange and Wonderful Facts, 2) Unusual Music, 3) Humor, 4) Noises and Odd Sounds, 5) Perfectly Useless, and (our personal favorite) 6) Complete Timewasters.

1) iPhone Apps: Strange and Wonderful Facts

Amazing Animal Facts ($.99): Discover curiosities from the animal and insect worlds.

Bizarre Holidays ($.99): Every day can be a holiday, if you know where to look.

Facts (free): A random collection of surprising trivia.

Odd Diseases: Genetics ($.99): Learn more than you thought possible about genetic diseases.

Science Facts Pro ($.99): Thousands of scientific facts to entertain and amuse.

Stupid Laws the Facts! (free): Unbelievable laws from around the country and around the world.

2) iPhone Apps: Unusual Music

Bongo Bongo ($.99): A pair of on-screen bongos that sound like the real things.

Buddha Machine ($3.99): It plays nine strange ambient sounds loops over and over.

iBone ($3.99): The only trombone you can keep in your pocket.

Kazoo (free): For those rare times when you don’t have a real kazoo with you.

More Cowbell ($.99): You say you gotta have more cowbell? Then download this app and tap away.

Ocarina ($.99): An enormous iPhone hit, it turns your phone into a simple wind instrument.

Pocket Trumpet ($.99): Tap the valves and pretend you’re in a real jazz band.

ShakeYa Tambourine ($.99): Play it by shaking your phone like a real tambourine.

Tingalin ($5.99): Play an eastern European lute.

3) iPhone Apps: Humor

iBeer Updated ($.99): Drink a virtual beer on your handheld.

iBug ($2.99): Let a bug skittle across your screen.

iDumb ($.99): Five mini-games that do nothing to improve your intelligence.

Zips ($.99): Put a photo of your choice behind an on-screen zipper.

Zits & Giggles ($.99): A game that challenges you to restore that not-so-great facial complexion.

4) iPhone Apps: Perfectly Useless

Bubble Snap (free): Pop virtual bubble wrap.

Cigar ($.99): Puff on a pretend cigar.

Eternal Flame ($.99): Not the Bangles song, but an on-screen flame that’s eternal until you turn the app off.

iSmoke ($.99): Virtual cigar too strong for you? Try this virtual pipe.

Martian Madness (free): Experience the old squeeze toy on your iPhone.

Mirror ($.99): This mirror looks a lot like a blank iPhone screen.

Nothing ($.99): Truth in advertising, this app is really nothing.

Snow (free): Let the snow fly on your iPhone screen.

That’s What She Said Pro ($.99): Punctuate your daily life with this irritating catch phrase.

Virtual Zippo Lighter (free): Maybe you can use it to light a friend’s virtual cigar.

Bouncy ($.99): A hand bounces around the screen looking for something to do.

5) iPhone Apps: Noises and Odd Sounds

Absolutely Annoying ($1.99): A collection of 12 terrible sounds.

Annoying (free): Sounds guaranteed to annoy those around you.

Annoying Sounds ($.99): A collection of 16 sounds that will put your teeth on edge.

i-Horn ($.99): Surprise people with your own air horn.

Pester ($.99): Play an assortment of shrill, high-frequency sounds.

Sound Grenade (free): You’ll blow out some eardrums with this headache-inducing noise.

6) iPhone Apps: Complete Timewasters

Big Mouth ($.99): Load friends’ pictures and make them say what you want them to say.

Face Changer ($1.99): Morph your photos simply by dragging a finger.

Lightsaber Unleashed (free): Swing your iPhone like a lightsaber.

Moo (free): Remember those old toys that a made a mooing cow noise?

The Moron Test ($.99): Test yourself and your friends to see if you’re complete idiots.

Pie in the Face ($.99): Throw a virtual pie at someone you have a photo of.

Portable Masks ($.99): Use your iPhone to make a pretend carnival mask.

Stereogram ($.99): Unfocus your eyes to see 3D pictures in these patterns.

Virtual Mouth Videos ($1.99): Place these on-screen mouths over your own to amuse your friends.

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