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50 Best iPad Apps for Keeping in Touch

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Have iPad app, will travel. And fortunately, the iPad’s jumbo screen makes it an excellent way to keep in touch with your family, friends, social network, and fellow employees when you’re on the run.

Here are the best iPad apps for communicating and networking. Let the app downloading begin.

E-mail iPad Apps

1) QuickVoice2Text Email ($2.99): Tired of typing into your iPad? Get this app and you can dictate your e-mails, instead.

2) FileMagnet ($4.99): This app makes it easy to copy files from your computer to your iPad. It works with the iPad’s Mail program to let you quickly save attachments.

3) NotePrinter ($4.99): Use NotePrinter to send your notes and e-mails to a Wi-Fi-enabled printer without additional software.

4) AltaMail ($4.99): Use this to collect e-mail from various accounts into a single inbox, then print them.

5) MarkdownMail ($3.99): With this app, you can compose and send HTML e-mails, using elements like bold text, italics, and bulleted lists.

6) DeepFish ($.99): DeepFish has one purpose: searching your IMAP-based e-mail account. It offers a simple interface and powerful features.

ipad app for communication

The QuickVoice Pro iPad app

7) Email Themes Backgrounds ($.99): Give a little flair to your messages. With the backgrounds included here, including a Halloween assortment, your messages will look like they were printed on stationery.

8) Smart Group ($1.99): Manage groups in your address book directly from your iPhone. Tap to e-mail or SMS all group members at once.

9) Artificial 3G ($.99): No Internet connection? No problem. With Artificial 3G, you can send e-mail with attachments using your iPhone’s 3G when your iPad doesn’t have an Internet connection.

10) Group Email ($3.99): Use this to send e-mail with attachments to single contacts, group, or a handpicked set of contacts.

11) Dragon Dictation (Free): The world’s best voice recognition software is free on the iPad. Speak your e-mails instead of typing them.

12) Multiple Email Signatures Pro ($.99): Create signatures for the different groups you need to contact. This app lets you make detailed sigs with pictures.

13) Alive Text ($1.99): With this time-saver you can store and share frequently used messages or even sentences.

14) Penultimate ($3.99): Typing on the iPad is no fun, so write as you normally would. This app lets you take and save handwritten notes, then share them over e-mail.

15) Email Editor with Emoticons ($.99): Give a little graphical pizzazz to your messages. This app includes 1,700 animated emoticons.

Chat iPad Apps

ipad app for communication


16) Rooms ($1.99): Rooms provides you with access to every IRC network in the world. Enter a nickname and start chatting.

17) Facebook Chat+ ($.99): This simple, good-looking program lets you talk to your friends on Facebook Chat. Check out the animated smileys.

18) TextPlus (Free): This app offers free and unlimited texting to anyone in the U.S. and Canada, even if they’re not running the app.

19) Facebook Chat Pro ($1.99): Do more while you’re chatting, like watch movies, browse the Net, and play music.

20) IM+ Pro ($9.99): This giant all-in-one app works with GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Skype, and many more.

21) LimeChat ($4.99): This fully-featured IRC client allows you to chat on the go in the same way you do on the desktop

22) Colloquy ($1.99): Built on the Chat Core framework, this app supports push notifications, common IRC commands, and landscape mode.

23) Chat App Lite (Free): This multi-user Bluetooth-enabled chat app has a fun, multi-colored interface that makes it clear who in the group is talking.

24) Assistive Chat ($24.99): This communication tool is meant for people who have difficulty with speech. It’s designed to be simple and efficient, needing fewer taps to type a message.

25) OneTeam for Gtalk ($.99): Keep in contact with friends and coworkers. This messaging client works with GTalk/Gmail accounts.

26) United MSN ($2.99): This is a business grade MSN Messenger client that lets you keep in touch over Wi-Fi or 3G.

27) Idle Chat Gold XL ($.99): This chat app places you in a chat room with other users based on their location and age.

28) G-Whizz Pro ($4.99): This app lets you access 18 Google mobile sites, and also access Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. It includes Google Talk notifications.

29) BeejiveIM ($9.99): The top instant messenger program for the iPad, this supports nearly every IM protocol.

30) Air Gtalk HD (Free): This app for Google Talk lets you contact your coworkers any time you like.

Texting/SMS/MMS iPad Apps

ipad app for communication

The iTim iPad app

31) iTim ($.99): Hurry to get this all-in-one MMS/SMS app for only $.99, far less than the $9.99 standard price.

32) TextNow (Free): Free for a limited time, this app gives you your own phone number and lets you forward calls and receive voicemail with your number.

33) iTextSpeed ($.99): Not a text app, but a learning game. This app teaches you to text faster and charts your progress.

34) Free Texting and Free SMS ($1.99): This app, as you can guess, lets you text for free, and even position your iPad in landscape mode so you can get a bigger keyboard.

35) iPushIt ($.99): Do you still pay for SMS or MMS? Cut your bills down by using this app to text for free.

36) Jelly SMS ($4.99): Use this to send free or low-coast international text messages from your iPad.

37) Smart Group ($1.99): Use this to manage contact groups. With just a tap you can text the whole group at once.

38) My-Cool-SMS ($1.99): Send international text messages. This app offers low rates that will have you saving on your phone bill.

39) TextExpander ($4.99): This time-saving app lets you type out notes by using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets. Then, send your notes using copy and paste.

40) TXTcrypt (Free): Start passing secret notes. With this app, you can password-encrypt text messages, which can then be read only by someone who knows the password.

Social Networking iPad Apps

41) Twitter (Free): Find out what’s going on right now, anywhere in the world, with the official Twitter iPad app.

42) Friendly ($.99): Use this app to chat on Facebook, and also view photos or view and respond to events.

43) TwitBird Pro ($2.99): This Twitter client uses in-app badges to show you the number of unread tweets, and works in landscape mode.

ipad app for communication

The Twitter iPad app

44) Chattero for Facebook ($1.99): Engage in real-time Facebook chat using iChat-style speech bubbles.

45) AIM for iPad (Free): The classic chat client has added social networking tools, including Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter integration.

46) Gowalla (Free): Explore the world around you. This app gives users a graphical way to find local hot spots and share them.

47) GetGlue (Free) Check-in and rate movies, TV shows, music, and books. Then, see what your friends have recommended.

48) Tweet (Free): This customizable Twitter clients lets you change the color to whatever you prefer, and lets power users view up to 16 columns at once.

49) Loopt Pulse (Free): Use this app to browse photos and maps, then share your discoveries with your friends.

50) QQ (Free): This instant messenger lets users keep in touch with old friends, while simultaneous making new ones.

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