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Private Cloud ROI Calculator

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A private cloud ROI calculator that works for all businesses – in any stage of adoption – is essentially impossible. After all, calculating ROI of a private cloud requires weighing a remarkably complex set of variables. Furthermore, some of those variables will be so specific to your business that a single calculator could hardly contain them all.

Still, a ballpark estimate can help your planning immeasurably. And any smart consultant will tell you that planning is absolutely essential to a successful cloud deployment.

Private Cloud ROI Calculator: Vendor Neutral

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Our private cloud ROI calculator, part of our Private Cloud Project Center, includes a full complement of variables. Unlike many private cloud ROI calculators, ours was not created by a vendor to sell you a specific solution. We worked in conjunction with independent cloud computing experts – notably Sam Charrington – before we coded the grid of private cloud variables.

Some assumptions: this ROI calculator is based on migrating from an unvirtualized environment to private cloud, as opposed to migrating from an already virtualized environment. Additionally, it doesn’t include cost savings due to reduced power and cooling requirements, and it assumes all workloads are appropriate for private cloud.

Arguably the biggest benefit to private cloud over simple virtualization is automation, and the greater agility this affords is particularly difficult to quantify. What’s the business value of being able to scale applications on demand, or creating new compute environments in hours instead of weeks? It’s likely enormous – you might even say it’s a competitive necessity – but it doesn’t have an exact dollar amount.

At any rate, we hope this private cloud ROI calculator will help your business get a clearer understanding of the benefits of private cloud, and offer a head start in creating your own, more detailed ROI analysis.

Our Private Cloud ROI calculator can be downloaded here.

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