Thursday, January 26, 2023

Bill and Linus: Separated at birth?

Linus Torvalds Bill Gates
Standards Wants to achieve world domination based on a free software standard. Has achieved world domination based on pricey substandard software.
“Finish” Proud of his Finnish origin. Proud of his ability to finish competitors.
Trust Built a computing empire based on trust. Built a computing empire that is a trust.
Freedom Developers are free to extend the OS. Developers are free to respond to Microsoft lawyers about efforts to extend the OS.
Innovation Likes that developers are attracted to Linux because of the freedom to innovate. Likes the concept of “freedom to innovate” because he has the money to buy companies that do so.
Protecting the Idea That Made Them Guards his kernel to maintain its integrity. Guards DOS so he can rename and resell it over and over.
Brotherhood His software efforts have created a network of developers who work together like brothers. His frequent appearances on 20-foot-high video screens remind many of Big Brother.
Trial and Error His software’s superiority is based on trial and error. Hopes to keep his company intact through DOJ trial errors.



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