Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Windows Server 8: 8 Key Facts

InformationWeek: The recently released consumer preview of Windows 8 has received a lot of media attention, but Microsoft issued another release at the same time that could arguably be even more significant for enterprise IT: a beta of Windows Server 8. In fact, some experts predict that the enterprise migration to Windows Server 8 will occur much more quickly than the desktop migration to Windows 8. The beta includes improvements in eight key areas:

  1. Networking: NIC teaming technology, DHCP, SMB 2.2 and new support for Single-Root I/O Virtualization
  2. Virtualization: improvements to the multi-tenancy capabilities in Hyper-V and a new Windows Server 8 Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch
  3. Remote Access: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), DirectAccess and BranchCache
  4. Security: Dynamic Access Control
  5. Storage: Storage Spaces
  6. Server Management: enhanced Server Manager and Power Shell 3.0
  7. Web and Application Platform: support for hybrid and cloud environments
  8. Metro Interface: the server version of Windows 8 also gets the splashy new interface

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