Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Who Are the Best and Worst Tech CEOs?

ZDNet: has released its annual “Tech Industry Report Card,” which ranks technology CEOs based on how their employees think they are doing. Two top execs who don’t get a lot of media attention–James J. Truchard, CEO of National Instruments, and Tom Georgens, CEO of NetApp–topped the chart, both scoring perfect 100 percent employee approval ratings. Better-known CEOs who also scored well included Apple’s Tim Cook (96 percent), Google’s Larry Page (92 percent) and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (89 percent).

The worst tech CEO on the list was Xerox’s Ursula Burns with a 28 percent approval rating. Second worst was Yahoo’s Timothy Morse (31 percent), and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer came in third worst (35 percent).

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