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Top Five Fastest Growing IT Jobs

Also see: IT Salary Survey, January 2009 (gives comparative numbers between ’08 and ’09.)

The future of the IT job market looks bright, if government statistics are accurate. That’s a big “if,” of course, but still, here’s an encouraging fact: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, five of the top ten fastest growing jobs between now and 2014 – across any industry – will be tech jobs.

The Bureau has crunched the numbers (a whole lot of numbers, apparently) and has released data about expected job growth rate, along with median salary and skill set requirements. Here then, based on the infinite wisdom of U.S. government statisticians, are the top five fastest growing tech jobs:

1) Network systems and data communications analyst

Expected growth rate between 2004 to 2014: 54.6%

As companies grow, they constantly need to upgrade their computer networks, or install completely new ones. Knowledgeable professionals who understand network architecture – including design, testing, and cost benefit analysis – will be in demand. (Note: according to government statistics, this job is the No. 1 fastest growing position across any industry.)

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2) Computer applications software engineer

Expected growth rate between 2004 to 2014: 48.4%

The voracious hunger for new software applications won’t abate anytime in the foreseeable future. Firms of all sizes will require the services of developers who can write and customize software in response to constantly changing consumer and industrial needs.

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3) Computer systems software engineer

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Expected growth rate between 2004 to 2014: 43%

Today’s computer systems are growing obsolete by the minute. Consequently, top systems engineers, experts who can conceive of, build, and maintain networks and data centers, will find plenty of job openings.

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4) Network and computer systems administrator

Expected growth rate between 2004 to 2014: 38.4%

It’ll be a hot job in the future and it’s hot right now: in many tech job banks, “Windows network administrator” is one of the job titles with the most openings.

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5) Database administrator

Expected growth rate between 2004 to 2014: 38.2%

Is there any doubt that the amount of information we store will grow faster than we can keep track of it? As archived information keeps doubling and tripling, the need for database administrators to organize and maintain these storage systems will increase as well.

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