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September 2007 Server Stats: Apache Decline Continues

The September 2007 Netcraft survey showed continued growth and major shuffling among the Top 5 players. The research firm received responses from 135,166,473 sites, an increase of more than 9.5 million from the July survey, which yielded 125,626,329 responses.

The number of sites measured surpassed the 100 million mark set in November 2006 and set yet another record.

The top players changed little from July through September, Google Front End (GFE) joined lighttpd, Apache, Microsoft IIS and Sun-ONE-Web-Server again took top honors.

Apache’s market share continued its long decline, coming yet closer to losing its single-handed majority — coming in at 50.23 percent percent at the end of third quarter. Microsoft increased its share marginally. All of the top vendors increased the number of sites in their portfolios, however.

The complete survey results can be found, here.

October Results
Server No. of
Market Share
Apache 67,898,632 50.23%
Microsoft-IIS 47,226,195 34.94%
GFE 6,616,713 4.90%
Unknown 3,309,447 2.45%
Sun-ONE-Web-Server 1,997,150 1.48%
Oversee 1,601,209 1.18%
lighttpd 1,515,963 1.12%
Zeus 546,634 0.40%
Netscape-Enterprise 213,351 0.16%
Rapidsite 206,785 0.15%
tigershark 196,282 0.15%
AOLServer 90,845 0.07%
Lotus Domino 89,060 0.07%
Zope 49,837 0.04%
WebSTAR 23,195 0.02%
thttpd 22,568 0.02%
Oracle-Application-Server-10g 18,845 0.01%

This article was first published on ServerWatch.

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