Friday, January 27, 2023

Samsung Wins Patent Infringement Case, Wants Compensation from Apple

The Mac Observer: A Dutch court has ruled in Samsung’s favor in a patent infringement case Samsung brought against Apple. Although the court refused to impose Samsung’s requested sales ban, it did find that Apple used Samsung’s patented technology without a license. “Samsung welcomes the decision of the court in The Hague, which again confirms that Apple makes free use of our technological innovations” said the company. “In accordance with this statement, we will recover adequate damages that Apple and its products have caused.”

Some observers say the Samsung win isn’t all that significant in terms of its larger worldwide patent war against Apple. “Samsung has approximately 100,000 patents worldwide. At some point it had to win something. But it’s important to put this into perspective,” said Florian Muller of Foss Patents. ” It’s not even clear that Samsung will make enough money as a result of this infringement finding to offset the 800,000 euros it now owes Apple in legal fees because it lost with respect to three of its four patents.”

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