Monday, January 30, 2023

Ramnit Computer Worm Compromises 45K Facebook Logins

PCMag: Security firm Seculert says that hackers have used the Ramnit worm, a piece of malware that usually targets the financial industry, to steal login credentials for 45,000 Facebook accounts. Most of the data stolen belonged to users in the UK and France. “We suspect that the attackers behind Ramnit are using the stolen credentials to log-in to victims’ Facebook accounts and to transmit malicious links to their friends, thereby magnifying the malware’s spread even further,” Seculert said. “In addition, cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that users tend to use the same password in various web-based services (Facebook, Gmail, Corporate SSL VPN, Outlook Web Access, etc.) to gain remote access to corporate networks.”

Facebook said that most of the passwords stolen were outdated. “Our security experts have reviewed the data, and while the majority of the information was out-of-date, we have initiated remedial steps for all affected users to ensure the security of their accounts,” the Facebook spokesman said. “Thus far, we have not seen the virus propagating on Facebook itself, but have begun working with our external partners to add protections to our anti-virus systems to help users secure their devices.”

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