Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Oracle Releases HP Internal Documents Related to Itanium Case

All Things D: On Wednesday morning, Bloomberg BusinessWeek published an article containing excerpts from some HP documents that Oracle plans to introduce into evidence in the Itanium case. Shortly thereafter, Oracle posted the full text of the documents online and sent a letter to customers which said, “Rather than us interpreting this situation for you, we thought we would give you access to the public HP documents so you can make your own decision regarding your investments in Itanium technology. After reading these documents we are confident that you will agree with our decision, taken with the best interest of our joint customers in mind.”

Many of the documents seem to show that HP believed Itanium was on its way out. One PowerPoint deck says Itanium “is on a death march,” and notes from a meeting say, “we need to address the inevitable on the future of Itanium.”

Not to be outdone, HP released some Oracle documents in retaliation.

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