Friday, February 3, 2023

Most Organizations Take Months, Years to Discover a Breach

Computerworld: A report presented by Verizon at the RSA security conference paints an unflattering picture of enterprises’ ability to prevent and respond to cyberattacks. According to the company, 92 percent of all data breaches they investigate result from external attacks, and in most cases, (60 percent) it takes months or years before enterprises discover the breaches.

Many security firms say that internal threats post a much greater risk, but Verizon disagrees. “I think that’s a bit of a myth in the security community,” said Verizon’s Wade Baker. “There’s fewer people inside of an organization than there are outside and I think it stands to reason that, by the numbers, we will have more external incidents.” He added that using default or stolen credentials was one of the primary means for attackers to gain access to enterprise networks.

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