Saturday, February 4, 2023

Microsoft Unveils Office 365 Pricing, Packages

PCMag: Microsoft has released more details about pricing for the upcoming updates to its office productivity suite. The cloud-based version will retain the “Office 365” name and will be available in two different versions: Office 365 Home Premium will cost $99.99 per year, and Office 365 Small Business Premium will cost $149.99 per user per year. Because both versions will be available on up to five devices, Microsoft says the cloud version will actually save most users money versus buying individual copies for each device.

However, Microsoft isn’t abandoning traditional software altogether. In addition to the cloud version, it will offer traditional, single-device licenses under the “Office 2013” name. Prices will start at $139.99 for the Home and Student edition and $399.99 for the Professional edition.

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