Saturday, December 3, 2022

Managing Legacy Technology: Avoiding Technical Bankruptcy

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Today’s hot new apps get all the buzz, but the truth is, it’s legacy tech that truly supports most everything. The problem is, as important as these systems are, they are often not properly maintained — leading to all manner of expensive problems. To provide guidance, I spoke with Frank Scavo, president at Computer Economics. Scavo has authored a white paper entitled Avoiding Technical Bankruptcy in Legacy Systems.

The topics we covered:

1) What do you mean by “technical bankruptcy”? What are the risks involved here?

2) How do companies get themselves into this kind of situation? Of course they must know that systems need to be upgraded. What’s the usual path to letting things get this bad? 

3) How can companies avoid technical bankruptcy? Does it fall more on the business or IT divisions?

4) You mention that cloud services mitigate technical debt? How exactly does this work?

Please join us for an in-depth discussion about cloud computing, on Friday, May 26 at 12 noon PT.

Frank Scavo 

President, Computer Economics

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