Friday, September 17, 2021

iWork Comes to iCloud

At the first day of its WWDC event, Apple made numerous announcements, including debuting iWork, a new cloud-based office productivity suite. Very similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365, iWork will bring Apple’s Pages, Keynote and Numbers apps to its iCloud platform.

Ars Technica’s Cyrus Farivar reported, “Amidst a slew of other announcements on Monday at WWDC, Apple also debuted iWork for iCloud, a new online document collaboration tool, and will include Pages, Keynote and Numbers. At first blush, iWork for iCloud seems very similar to Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365.”

AppleInsider noted, “Users will be able to quickly edit and save documents, and even do advanced tasks like adding images, cropping them, and rotating them. iWork for iCloud will also support Keynote animations for transitioning between slides.”

CNET’s David Carnoy added, “Apple is releasing a developer beta today, and a public beta will become available ‘later this year.'”

VentureBeat’s Sean Ludwig observed, “Importantly, the app appears to work well on Windows machines as well. Apple showed iWork for iCloud on Windows 8 with the Chrome browser on stage, and it looked fluid.”

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