Saturday, November 26, 2022

IT Salaries Edge Up Back to 2008 Levels

InfoWorld: According to Janco’s 2012 IT Salary Survey, the average enterprise IT worker now makes $78,299, a 0.81 percent increase over last year and about the same as IT workers made in January of 2008. For IT pros at mid-size companies, the gains were slightly better–a 1.19 percent increase brings the average salary to $74,435.

Of course, some IT job titles fared better than others. At large companies, network services supervisors saw their salaries grow 6.7 percent to $57,358, and programmers/analysts enjoyed a 6.14 percent increase to $80,051. At the other end of the spectrum, technical services specialists saw their pay decline 4.14 percent to $65,888.

At mid-size companies, librarians and computer operations shift managers received the biggest pay increases, while VPs of security (or CSOs) and production services managers saw the biggest decreases.

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