Saturday, December 3, 2022

iPad Trademark Battle Intensifies

Global Times: Chinese authorities are investigating possible trademark infringement over use of the iPad name and could fine Apple $38 million dollars. Before the launch of the iPad, Apple bought the trademark rights to the name from a UK company called IP Applications, which in turn had bought the rights from a Hong Kong-based company called Proview Technology. However, Proview claimed the Chinese trademark rights were not included in the deal and took their grievance to the Chinese government. “Proview made a formal complaint to the Xicheng administration in 2011 and they had planned to slap Apple with a 240 million yuan ($38 million) fine, but it was suspended after Apple’s objections,” explained Xie Xianghui, a lawyer for Proview. Beijing is currently examining Apple’s appeal.

Proview is seeking an apology and 10 billion yuan in compensation from Apple.

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